30 Seconds Of Knowing To Buy A Property

Ourselves and our JV partners have the 30 second test to buy a property. We look at alot of conversion projects. We have realised that if we do not know within 30 seconds we want to buy a property, it will probably be a mistake. We have learned not to try to convince...

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Being an Awesome Landlord

Being an Awesome landlord is not about being liked. It is about running an awesome business. If you run an awesome business you stand to generate hopefully awesome returns…. Made a short check list of ideas to share Transition tenants out carefully. Be...

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Must Know For Property Investors

Been very busy last couple of days….viewings….looking at new areas to invest….However thought to share some must know ideas for property investors (1) Surround yourself with Honest, Reliable people who communicate & are responsive…ie...

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Must Have Apps for any Serious Property Investors

Todays technology really helps property investors. I wanted to share some of the apps we use in our property business and for our HMOS. (1) Google Maps (2) Google Voice (3) RightMove.co.uk (4) Zoopla.com (5) Zillow Rentals (6) Waze (7) JotNot Pro (8) YouTube Capture...

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