Finding Property Deals Even in a Hot Market Like Manchester

I have to admit, prices are getting silly in parts of Manchester…for example Salford. We get outbid all the time. However that does not stop us. So how to find property deals even in a Hot Market?

One word…WORK….

Alot of work…alot of viewings…alot of offers…making cash offers not subject to finance. We study our matrix of data on our property deals.

  • Offers from appointments
  • Deals from offers
  • Profit per lead
  • Cost per lead
  • Average profit per deal

Look at what is working for you. Are you putting out signs….are you engaging estate agents……are you mailing out letters.  Look at your processes and look at the results.

You simply must get out there. There are always deals due to death ( probates)…divorce…company transfers…etc.

Learning to find great deals is one of the hardest aspects of becoming a successful property investor.

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