We just conveyed on this property which was a repossession. With repossessions you have to work quick. You have to exchange and convey very quickly. This is a great property in Salford. It will be a 4 bed social housing HMO that will be on guaranteed rent with no voids…no management and best yet…maintenance covered up to 5,000 per annum. Once this property passes all health and safety inspections it will generate net 11,960. To many that is a years salary! This is our business. We source…refurbish tenant …keep some and sell some of these social housing HMOs. We do professional HMOs as well in Salford Manchester. Currently we have 3 professional HMOs all in Salford…..2 are fully tenanted and one is just finishing this week. ¬†We do not like leverage thus we use a sell to keep strategy. ¬†Manchester is the place to invest…High yields…potential appreciation.


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