Covid 19 Has Made Times Uncertain However Passive Property Investing Doesn’t Have to Be

Clearly no one expected Covid 19 let alone the effects. Some working tenants can not pay their rents nor can commercial tenants such as retail and office are also struggling. Who would have thought solicitors would be or could even imagine being furloughed. We have had numerous delays both in selling and in buying due to furloughed solicitors. It seems all the rules have been turned on their head.

So far we have not been effected and to the contrary asked to provide more and more properties due to the increased needs of social housing. We have mostly focused on social housing since 1994. Once a property is completed in the vast majority of the cases,they go to bed & just cash flow on long term contracts.

Right now, property investors would do well to consider their strategies and the risks involved. Know that a focus on the long-term and steady, stable investments will outlast market conditions. Will it be as exciting? Doubtful. But over time, it will be more effective and less risky in building future wealth.

There is a housing shortage in the UK even before Covid 19. We do not deal in London with 400k one bed flats rather boring dull terraced houses that have been built 100 years ago that will outlive all of us.

Manage Risk By Investing in Property Long-Term

Investing in property over time reduces your risk. You’re not at the mercy of the market, you don’t have to perfectly time any sales. Not only does buy-and-hold property hedge against inflation, but investors reap the benefits of tax deductions, passive income, equity growth, and appreciation (among other things). There is considerably less risk associated with this method.

This is the reason we are still buying. We purchased one 4 bed social HMO in the NE to refurb. It should take 4-6 weeks. We had hoped to convey on another property but the vendors solicitors still need to fix a title defect or we walk away. When you look long term you compound money over the long term. With all of our properties cash flowing, they have babies. Every 3 or so months we generate enough money to have another property bought for cash. We do not live high lives. Our goal is to compound money safely and provide quality housing for those less fortunate. This is why we recieved accolades from councils on the properties we have provided them.  Plus became an accredited landlord in another area & even received an award.

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The property in Duke Street is great. It is tenanted. We are of course, always on the lookout for new properties as we move into trying to house those that we are providing temporary accommodation to.

Covid 19 Has Made Times Uncertain However Passive Property Investing Doesn’t Have to Be

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