The Need and Shortage of Migrant Housing in the UK

This is a niche of the UK property market we have been involved with since 2014. We provide housing via long term UK govt backed 5 and 10 years for Asylum seekers and Migrants. There is a tremendous need for this type of housing as over 8000 people have been in Hotels for a long period of time.

There is Operation Oak for Asylum seeker moving people out of Hotels.

The Home Office is planning to “accelerate” the movement of asylum seekers out of hotels and into long-term housing. A letter sent to NGOs by the department states that people seeking asylum who are currently in hotels will start being “decanted” out of the accommodation as part of a process called Operation Oak

In todays News

Home Office drops plan to evict thousands of migrants during pandemic

U-turn affects around 4,000 people refused asylum who were facing eviction with ‘immediate effect’. This means another 1,000 properties needed.

The claimants’ solicitors, Kathleen Cosgrove, of Greater Manchester Law Centre, and Sasha Rozansky and Will Russell, of Deighton Pierce Glynn, welcomed the decision to withdraw the evictions policy.

They said: “Our clients challenged the home secretary’s policy to evict thousands of migrants during the pandemic on the basis that she failed to take into account the public health impacts this would have, in particular on disabled people and black and brown citizens.

“We are hopeful that her letter means that she will now prioritise public health over her hostile environment policies and that particular care will be taken to protect all those still at risk of serious harm from Covid-19.


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