The New Blue Chip Tenants- LHA/DSS and Asylum Seekers

Our model is to keep some properties and in order to lower leverage, to sell some of our social HMOs or social buy to lets. In these properties we provide housing for LHA tenants and Ayslum seekers. We have had so many investors turn up their noses as well as lenders saying…”We do not have an appetite”.

However it seems now these tenants have become the new “blue chip tenants”. We have been in social housing providing since 1994. We have seen many cycles in property and we have learned that besides helping people, this one of the safer recession resistant property businesses out there.

We are all going through a terrible time and hopefully it will end shortly. Add in the concern of being paid by tenants or navigating the government bueracracy to get mortgage relief is nothing less than a nightmare.

I was forwarded this by a colleague who owns both working tenant buy to lets and whom we have sold Asylum seeker HMOs.

Sorry bro can u do me a favour can I pay u next month bot of rents please because i use alle the money to buy food for home. If u don’t mind plz

Hi its tony from XXX beechwood I’m just worried about rent as I’ve been out of work since Friday due to current events what is the best way around it I’ll be able afford some but not all £425 pcm


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