What THREE MILLION people from Hong Kong will Do To the UK Property Market

Boris Johnson came out with his statement that he would ‘willingly’ offer THREE MILLION people from Hong Kong visa-free refuge in the UK if China erodes human rights in the former British colony. Consider the fact there there is already a housing shortage in the UK, this should if & when it happens shift prices dramatically. It is not just the UK property market, think about how many professionals, doctors, lawyers and successful business people could be coming to the UK. How about Hong Kong property investors? Most of our investors are from Hong Kong. Most are savy and can only strengthen the UK economy especially with the fears of Corona and the media’s declaration that the worst recession of 300 years is coming. I tend to down play the news as they always seem to get it wrong.

This morning my son and my JV partner were discussing the impact of Hong Kong people arriving to the UK.

What do you think?


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