The Social housing HMOs programs we are involved with are backed by the UK Government via their appointed agency. Properties of this nature stand the distinct possibility of increasing profit returns by renting by the room. This is one of the most profitable sectors of UK real estate. On average we sell our properties at 8%+. Your rental income is guaranteed and is paid to you via a BACS payment regardless of whether the property is tenanted.

The property will be inspected on a scheduled basis. This mitigates potential problems in many aspects.

Personally we feel this is one of the best forms of investment of UK property. The UK Government has a commitment to the EU to house a certain type of social housing. There are more and more people that fit this unique category of social housing that are coming to the UK. Feel confident as form of social housing has been going on for decades. Even if the Home Office designated manager of social housing were to lose the contract the need would still exist and would be picked up by another company. That new company would be unlikely to look for brand new houses to deliver the service so it would be sensible to think your contract would simply move over to the new provider.

This housing niche that can improve your UK real estate portfolio.

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