Finding the Right JV Partners

Our family has used JV partnerships to enhance our property business. Primarily we have JVd with local builders who had years of experience but lacked financial resources. These local builders know the areas like the back of their hand. They find the deals….We...

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Investing in Affordable Housing for the Long Term

Investing in Affordable Housing for the Long Term Affordable housing is not luxury off plan city center wonderful flats. Affordable housing could be inexpensive Buy to lets…..professional HMOs or even social HMOs that are on guaranteed 5 year contracts with no...

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Completed Social HMO Soon to be Tenanted

We just finished another social housing HMO. There is tremendous need and demand for these. The big issue however is funding. Most banks will not lend on these. Due to this reason, we sell some in order to keep more for ourselves. This property will net return us...

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Opportunities in Professional HMOs

Opportunities in Professional HMOs Pessimists see the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty Winston Churchill This is so true with all the moving parts of professional HMOs. Tenants, regulations, fire & safety,...

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Buying Criteria for Rental Property

Buying Criteria for Rental Property When buying for rental property you have alot of options. You have new build city center luxury… have 100 year old buy to lets as well as professional & social HMOs. As we have completed close to 50 Professional HMOs...

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HMO & Property Negotiations

  HMO & Property Negotiations Everyone has their own way to negotiate. We learned one simple rule regarding negotiations of Professional HMOs and property. Whoever wants the property most- Loses! We have seen this so often now with investors who are out of...

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Communicating with Builders on Your HMO Projects

Communicating with Builders on Your HMO Projects In today’s hot property market and hot HMO market in Manchester finding a honest and hard working builder is not easy. If the builder is good invariably he will be busy doing other property investors buy to lets,...

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