Progress on this 5 bed social Hmo

Progress on this 5 bed social Hmo. Hopefully another week of works. Furniture and white goods on order. Carpets ready to go in. Then a 10 year lease with no voids no management and maintenance covered unless structural. Adding another one to the portfolio or for sale....

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New Kitchen going into this 4 Bed Social HMO

This property is still about 4 to 5 weeks out. The hard part also now is finding qualified builders. Never easy. Always issues every morning. Todays drama was the housing association even though the inspected and approved the kitchen on a 4 bed HMO told us they...

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Some semblance to an end project refurbishment

Some semblance to an end project refurbishment. Big progress. Starting to look that people can actually live in the property. This will be a 5 bed social Hmo near Manchester 🇬🇧. High yields and best is 10 year govt backed contract with no voids no management and...

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Just Purchased this property for Social Housing HMO

We just conveyed on this property and will transform it hopefully in 6 weeks to a Social HMO. Watch the progress. You got to love the condition of this property. The vendor lived in Australia. I do not think he realized how lovely it is. Watch the transformation into...

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