5 Bed Social HMO Ready for Inspection

Our builders are finishing off this new 5 bed social HMO. We have several going on at the moment and on the look out for another as we just sold one 5 bed social HMO last Friday. We are going now to inspect the works plus look at the other HMO projects progress. It is never ending. We are fighting to find, pass & convey on properties plus dealing with some buyers who stall completions. We have a 4 bed Social HMO that has dragged on since Feb and my wife basically told our solicitor if they do not convey by Friday she is pulling the plug. This is a great Social HMO in Crewe which has been cash flowing to the tune of £12,480 per year. The hard part…actually super hard is getting these Social HMO properties passed in all of the aspects from the councils….police…health & safety etc…



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