Before Pictures of HMO Conversion Salford UK Property


We started another HMO Conversion. Ironically we have 5 conversion projects hitting this week and beginning next week. This is an issue with conveyance. They all bulked up at once. In the beginning of the month we only had 2 projects going and Murphys law now. However we have 2 teams of builders plus now interviewing another one today. He came with high recommendations from the PLC in which we rent our properties for 5 years with guaranteed rents and no voids. However it all comes down to costs and quality of work. We are giving him a simple refurbishment & HMO Conversion to test out.

It will be a busy week as we have today investors from the Middle East coming to look at some of our properties and tomorrow we have another investor.

In this post you will see how the property looked prior to refurbishment. We will be adding a room from one of the two reception rooms plus putting in a window with permitted development in order to generate another bedroom. Each bedroom rents NET to us at 55 per week. The beauty of our model is we do not have to manage the properties nor do we have voids and minimal or any maintenance as it is covered in our lease to the PLC. We work with a PLC…councils as well as in discussions with charities…This beats working tenants and LHA tenants…


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