BEST Tenants for Your Buy to Let or HMO Property

Obviously you want the BEST Tenants for Your Buy to Let or HMO Property. Firstly and most importantly screen your tenants!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to also attract a tenant that is willing to pay a premium to live in your property…

AND stay in it at least 3-5 years or more?

When renters are asked why they move out of a buy to let or Professional HMO they cite these reasons most often:

  1. Maintenance issues
  2. Want to change neighborhoods

We remodel our properties from basement to roof…Part of that is that we are under a Home office contract for social housing. We want to provide quality housing as well as we are inspected on numerous levels.

Own and manage buy to lets or Professional HMOs in safe neighborhoods with good schools…My son is buying buy to lets in which he refurbishes within a short walking distance for children to go to school. This way the parents stay in the property longer as they dont want to change schools.

AND respond quickly to our tenant’s issues so they pay more in rent and stay longer.

By being the BEST landlord with the BEST properties we attract the BEST tenants.

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