BEST Time of Year to Find Fix and Flip Deals


First answer always as long as you get a good deal. However it’s mid-October and do you know what season that is for pro fix and flip investors? Planting season. Now until late January is the BEST time of year to look for fix and flip deals. It’s when we find the most desperate buyers in the most distress. Are you prepared to start “planting” seeds by acquiring your first, or next rehab so it’s ready to “harvest” in the spring when home prices are at their peak? Regular homebuyers go into hibernation because school is in session…

Christmas is right around the corner. No one wants to move into a new home after the leaves change and temperatures drop. “During the winter months, especially December and January, people are often selling only if they have to and they may be more willing to negotiate.”

An added bonus…Contractors work faster (and for less) because business is slow. First time buyers don’t like to have workers in their home over the holidays, so you can get cheaper labor prices. From now until February we’ll be in hardcore buying mode, and encouraging our coaching clients to do the same. So instead of wasting time coming up with a Halloween costume…And running all over town doing Christmas shopping…

Get out there and start hunting for deals. The next 3 months are like Black Friday for property investors

Talk soon!

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