Blackpool Capital for Buy to let property Investors as StaycationsBoom

Yes, believe it or not, Blackpool is booming. There are so many investors turning up their noses on Blackpool however times are changing. Massive investments…massive influx of staycation tourists.

Qouting estate agents,

“The residential property market is the busiest I’ve ever seen it, due mainly to the pent-up demand after lockdown and the Stamp Duty Holiday which will see activity remain high until it comes to an end in September.


“There’s a good mix of purchasers, from out-of-town investors building portfolios to locals looking for a better alternative to the banks for their savings, in a market with yields averaging 7 per cent but heading up to 12 per cent which is hugely attractive.

Staycation Summer of 2021, as families look for an alternative to a package holiday abroad.

He added: “Two bed flats with a sofa bed in the lounge could bring in anything from £80 to £280 per night in the summer, far outstripping the opportunities offered by residential rental.

Wow where can you find these types of yields. Now you can find them in Blackpool. We have been investing in Blackpool and believe in the long term property market appreciation.

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