Brexit Financial Worries?

Protect and Grow Your Money in Turbulent Times

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We are in completely unknown and turbulent times. I have been investing over the last 21 years. Made mistakes but more importantly I have learned from them. I want to share with you my personal experiences to hopefully assist you in this transition period of UK history. The ideas espoused in this book are my own and not meant in place for professional financial advice.

I have shared ideas from some of the worlds leading financial minds and billionaires whose credentials stand on their own. My goal is to try to assist you in prospering from the uncertainty via real estate, a field in which I have invested a great deal of my life.

The Certain is the Uncertain

The certain is that Britain has voted to leave the EU. The Brexit vote is old news. What is the new, is the complete unknown consequences. There will be short term and long term consequences. My goal in writing this book was to share my experience with my children who are in their early 20’s. Furthermore my goal is to help you the reader

Table of Contents


Risk Disclosure

Who is this book for
Certain is Uncertain
£ Has been Pounded
Frozen Investor Monies in Commercial Funds
Remembering Northern Rock
Stock Market Volatility
Bond Funds & Interest Rate Returns
Is it Worth the Risk?

My Story

Why Manchester?

Profiting from the Brexit

Property Investment Strategies -Brexit or Not

My personal real estate strategies
What I completely avoid
Boring Terraced Housing investing
Real World Examples of Terraced Housing Investing
Time for Cheeky offers?

Crisis investing from Legendary Billionaires

Increasing your Profits with Houses of Multiple Occupation
Real Deals

Professional Tenanted HMOs

Commercial to Residential Money Machines
Always be Creative & Enhance Value
Joint Ventures in Real Estate

Conclusion and Summary



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