Continue Progress on HMO UK Property Conversions Manchester Real Estate


We tested a group of young  builders. We are extremely pleased at their progress and quality of work. This will be another of our Social housing HMO properties in which we let on a 5 year guaranteed rent program with the affiliate of the Home office. What is super about this program is no voids and virtually no maintenance as it is covered up to 5,000 per year.


As in our progress report starting last week they did a rip out and disposed of all the waste. There was old wood paneling and just tons of debris. We checked to make sure all the stud walls were accurately measured and of quality. They have been working on the fire doors and casings. We are hoping to have this project as well as the 2 others that are being worked on at the same time hopefully done by the end of the month. You always run into issues. We virtually finished one property and had damp and water come into the new kitchen. After breaking our heads trying to figure out where it was coming from our experienced builder realized it was coming in from the neighbors house. In order to expedite our refurbishment we offered to address the issue. However we want this agreed in writing. Never a dull moment when refurbishing properties in the UK Property market.


Next week we are starting our warehouse conversion to flats. Very exciting. We are hoping to presell the whole project. We ordered CAD drawings to show what the property will look like. Will post on an upcoming blog post his property conversion.


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