Contracts with your Property Contractor

First….Have a contract with your contractor or property builder. Even if you have a long track record, it is best to have a contract. When creating your contract with your property contractor, the more detail you have in your contract the better. Do NOT assume something is included if it isn’t in writing.

For example, if you are replacing a door and door jam, does the price include caulking the door jams? Does it include installing the hardware (e.g., hinges, door handle, etc.)? Does it include adjusting the door so that it closes properly? You would assume that all of this would be included in the ‘replacement’ of a door, but if your contractor assumes it isn’t then you have a problem. Be clear and be transparent. Have integrity. Treat the builder as you would want to be treated.

A VERY simple issue that could have been addressed in the contract now becomes a large problem. The best case scenario is that you waste a few hours talking it out. The worst case scenario is that your contractor quits because he feels he isn’t getting paid for his work. Or he may file a court action. This is a waste of time, effort and money. Do not assume. Get an estimate and have a contract

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