This team of builders is really hustling to move. As soon as this HMO project in Salford is completed the builders will move to another HMO project in Stockport. They are making great progress on this HMO investment property. It will be a 4 bed that will cater to social housing. There will be no voids…no management…and best of all maintenance is covered up to 5,000 per year. This property was full of old furniture. Several skids were needed to clear out the garbage furniture. We purchased this property from the same agent who sold us a property down the street. We turned that property as well into a HMO and sold it to a London investor. We have 5 Professional and Social HMOs going on at the same time in Salford. Next week we have some London investors to view our recently completed and tenanted professional HMO. It was rented in one day by a group of 4 doctors. Alot of work…alot of moving parts…constant issues to overcome….This is our work…We sell some in order to keep more and have them cash flow with low or no leverage.



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