Everything in HMO properties are Experience!

In reality everything in property is experience….more so with HMO properties. Banks will only lend you if you have HMO experience…if you do not have experience unreliable and dishonest builders might take advantage of you. More so many rely on estate agents to manage and as much as we strongly suggest you manage yourself….you would need experience on how to manage an estate agent if you have engage one.

The only way you get experience is doing a HMO project or buying a ready made HMO project. You will learn along the way. We have done now close to 50. We are constantly learning. When we first started we did not even know what building regs where….Get started on your property journey. We speak to so many so called investors. They love the yields we offer on our HMOs and then freeze & do not take action. They have gone to a course. They are promised the moon….think they can get banks to lend everything….

Get started in high yield property investing!

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