We are in the final steps of finishing this 5 bed ensuite Professional HMO in Manchester. We chose this location as it is only a very short drive or bus to a massive logical center as well as a hospital extremely close by. More so there is a shopping center within several short minutes walk plus transportation into to the city center of Manchester. We always look for employment and transportation.

The concept to succeed is to always create value. This property was in a bad state, actually not liveable!  We have uplifted this property into a lovely professional HMO & created a cash machine.





These are the close to finished pictures. We are looking to rent the en suites for 110-115 per week. This should bring us up to close to 30,000 gross per year. We assume expenses of approx 25%. Thus we have created a high cash flowing property. Some of these we keep and some we offer to armchair investors. We have had several investors from London as well as Saudi come up last week. Plus next week we have a London Hedge fund coming up to see our projects. In order to grow you always need experience & money.


finished1 finished1a finished2 finished4 finished5 finished6

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