Today, finding any good deal is tough in Manchester. You might not have the money …or even the experience….What do you do? If it is really a good deal there will be a LONG line of people who would die to get their hands on a deal like this. What do you do?

  1. JV with some someone with money and preferably experience
  2. Do not be afraid of the challenge. You might call it Gd…or the universe, we are given opportunities all the time. Many times we fail to see them — or more frequently, we fail to take advantage of them because we’re afraid.
  3. Always consider the worst case scenario or plan B.
  4. If you can not JV…consider a Plan C…. call other potential investors who might be interested in buying this deal from you. You can refer the deal to them
  5. Build your network from PIN meetings in your local area

Key point is to learn and grow.

Even after going through so called “worst case” potentials, there’s a good chance you’ll actually raise the money if the deal is good.

But if you don’t, then it’s even more likely that you’ll find another buyer or partner who would die to take this deal off your hands and add it to their portfolio.

Forward and you made some money. Never give up. Stay out there. Funny thing happened today. I project I looked at with my JV partners that the vendor was rather arrogant and thought he could sell or rent came back to us.  He could not rent it nor sell it.

This project is a conversion project of 14 flats. It is a rather large deal .Ironically next Monday we are meeting with a Hedge fund who is interested in investing in our deals. . Just had the phone call…Yes GD and the Universe gives us opportunities. Funny how things happen

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