The best deals for property investors are motivated sellers. Yes, motivated sellers can be found on Rightmove but google ads with a good webpage that is clear and simple can bring you these motivated sellers for your Professional HMOs or Social HMOs. Maybe it is old school, mailing flyers for sourcing HMOs but can be effective but can be much more expensive.

Actually we just bought a 5 bed property we will be converting into either a Professional HMO or Social. It is right next to the train station of Crewe thus it would be ideal for a Professional HMO. Ironically we found this motivated seller on Rightmove. The property has been vacate for quite some time. The owner it seems was in a care home and not responsive to the estate agents. Terraced houses have been selling on the street for approx 110k. We purchased this upcoming HMO either a Professional or Social HMO substantially below market value.

This was probably luck…but the key is finding motivated sellers in order to make profits…More so Professional HMOs need to be managed correctly as there is always drama….while the Social HMOs, the hardest part is finding them and having them passed with all the inspections.

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