Hong Kong sets $1.3m parking space price record

There was a recent post on the BBC Website regarding a Hong Kong Parking space. What made me think was how many UK properties that would be cash flowing as a pose to a car sitting in a parking space. More so I thought if this Hong Kong millionare invested this 1.3 million in Social Housing, how many people could be helped with quality housing. This 1.3 million is more than most peoples homes.

The Mount Nicholson development overlooking the city’s Victoria Harbour has some of Asia’s most valuable homes. Hong Kong is so crowded that space, whether it is for living in or parking a car, can attract a huge premium. The global financial hub often tops lists of the world’s most expensive places to live.

Maybe it is no wonder that many more people from Hong Kong are coming to the UK. Even in London I am sure one can find a cheaper place to park their car!

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