How to Make Things Happen in the UK Property Market Now

There is not alot of inventory on the market. So how do you get property deals. Forget 10-20% BMV deals. They do not exist. What we do is build up relationships with estate agents. This is key to our buying. They know we act quick, pay cash and basically preform in order that they get their commission.

Another tool is using agents as buying agents. We will pay them a fee if they bring us an off market deal. We hopefully will convey on 2 properties just like this. There is a local agent who seems to know everyone. We have purchased 3 listed Rightmove properties from her and in course of conversation she told us that she was in discussions with 2 vendors in the immediate area and would we be interested. Of course we were, checked with our solicitor in order to confirm we could pay her with an invoice provided and off to the races. 

We are checking with the social housing provider if the property stacks and if so we will purchase. 


Ideas to close Property Purchases

1. Have confidence

Confidence is key. If you believe in yourself, if you believe in the deal, it will happen. This confidence needs to be clear throughout the process, right from the first viewing until you convey. The deal is never completed until we exchange. 

2. Just keep it Simple

3. Pay Cash

4. Listen to the Estate Agent and meet vendors needs

5. Sweeten up the deal in order to get repeat business from the estate agents

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