How We Grow Our Property Business in Salford Manchester

The way we grow our property business is not rocket science. The growth of our property business is based on principles that we all learned over many long years. The goal of our Manchester property business is to sell in order to keep. This sell concept means finding BMV properties in better areas of Manchester, refurbishing them ….tenanting them so they cash flow while they are up for sale. Ourselves and our JV partners take the profits from these property sales and then repeat the process however keep the properties in order to create long term wealth. No one has a bottomless pot of money. The pot of money can be grown via flipping properties. This money should not be spent on trips…luxury cars…watches etc….rather put back to work and compounding money. We especially like the social housing HMO model in which we enter a 5 year contract….we have no management…no voids…and maintenance is basically taken care of. This lets us focus on finding more properties. At the moment we have 3 HMOs going on. Today at one of our Social Housing HMOs one of our JV partners is bringing four cash investors for a group viewing. Our goal is to hopefully be able to sell 4-5 HMOs on a monthly basis. Our preference is cash buyers with 28 day conveyance.

We prefer this way then leveraging ourselves to the banks….




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