Joys and Realities of Professional HMOs

Always in our Professional HMOs there is drama. This weeks drama is we had a tenant do a runner. Typical joy…however to cover ourselves we have a 250 deposit. Actually it is better he did a runner in our Professional HMO. He is gone. This morning sending the cleaners in…making the property sparkling and ready for viewings. It is a great double en suite room. The only issue is right before Christmas. Hopefully we will get the room rented this week. Learning lesson for all of those you want to be HMO landlords. Be proactive. We chased the tenant for payment. We went to the property immediately. We are cleaning the property immediately. We have posted on Spare room immediately. Unfortunately too many HMO estate agents do not work in this fashion. We have only found several in Manchester who keep to their word and manage the Professional HMO as if it was their own.

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