Learning Lesson From a Burst Pipe in a Professional HMO

My New Years Mantra…Never stop learning. Once you think you can settle down…Bingo. Over New Years in one of our Professional HMOs we had a burst pipe. What a great way to bring in the New Year. Luckily the tenant called and turned off the water. Instead of getting aggravated which is the easy and normal reaction, I both had a learning lesson and grateful to our fantastic team. I was already asleep and found out the next morning. My Joint venture partner handled the issue with the builder. The source of the leak was found and repaired. Today the builders will re plaster and paint.

The learning lesson I want to share is we are putting in a shunt switch in each of our bathrooms in each of the en suites of the Professional HMO. This way the entire house does not have to go without water. If any one bathroom has an issue, one can issue shut the water there. This is not expensive and as always want to benefit our tenants.

From every instance there is something to learn in the property world.

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