Managing Builders and Subbies During HMO Refurbishment

Hands down the best tool we use whilst managing our various building teams during HMO refurbishment is Whatapp. We have joint calls…we can send videos and pictures of the way project refurbishment needs to be accomplished. Plus for example we have a 5 bed Social HMO project in South Shields at the moment. We inspected the HMO works last week but this week the builders will send photos and a video. This saves us time however does not negate onsite inspections to confirm progress of works as well as be there for the builders to ask any questions.

Another example we asked one of the build team to send some photos of lintels being installed. Both before and after were sent to us to ensure works are done correctly.

What do you think of Whatapp as a tool for managing your builders during refurbishment

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