Maximise Your Rent Via Property Refurbishment

When we first starting property refurbishments it always seems that it was the ugly cheap magnolia paint, a cheap B&Q kitchen and a cheap boiler.  However with our social providers we have to meet their spec. Property refurbishers try to spend as little as possible to get the property turned around for the rental market. UK property tenants no matter even if LHA want a sense of quality.

The problem is new property refurbishment investors get in the habit of doing this for a while. Before you blink maintenace comes up and things like fixing a dodgy kitchen fit which should have lasted longer or continually dealing with complaints about the boiler become common place.

These new investors get quickly burned out. What is great for us, with our social housing properties we have a standard and property spec list to adhere to. We have to invest alot of money in a property in order to get the 5 and 10 year leases. However this extra money is worth it as we have quiet.

So in my opinion, Maximise Your Rent Via Property Refurbishment and provide a new spec for your tenants who rent from you.

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