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Yesterday we had another HMO property pass inspection for use for Social Housing. The PLC who handles social housing in the Greater Manchester area checks for all types of issues to insure the safety of the tenants that will be living in the property for 5 years. We had to put in an additional small sink, however all passed.


Our builders have completed on numerous of these HMO conversion projects and now know what exactly to expect and to do. Once all the construction is completed we have a cleaning crew come in and want the HMO to not just look good but smell good. Almost like the idea of a new car. We put in new carpets. Fresh paint and then come all the furnishings. The PLC even furnishes the property from white goods down to silverware.

Once the project is completed our builders are on to the next one in which we are completing on today. We look to source more properties and then look to bring in investors. The hardest part of all of this is getting the right property and having it pass all the checks from the PLC….Council and even the Police.


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