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Couple return from holiday to find cowboy builders had not only botched £34,000 renovations but held alcohol-fuelled parties, slept in their beds… and even ran up pay-per-view Sky Sports bill

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As loving couple Delia and Mick Cunningham returned from their summer holiday, they were eager to set eyes upon the £34,000 renovation job to their home of over three decades.

But they were instead left horrified after finding their house had been trashed by the hired Polish labourers who had thrown booze-fuelled parties, splashed out on Sky Sports pay-per-view programmes and even slept in their bed.

And, to pile even more misery on to the devastated couple, the cowboy builders botched the renovations – which would have allowed the Cunninghams to sell the house and move closer to their Asperger-suffering son.

The couple, both 60, from Hardingstone, Northamptonshire, were disgusted after walking into the pigsty of a kitchen, which had empty vodka bottles strewn across the floor and mouldy food littered across surfaces.

The workmen had also guzzled all of the food from the fridge, kept a stash of cannabis and, according to Mrs Cunningham, urinated on the outside walls of the property.

The mortified homeowner, who has been left thousands of pounds out of pocket, said: ‘Obviously we told them to get out straight away. The place was a tip.

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