Salford Manchester Starting Social Housing HMO

We do 2 types of HMOs…Professional HMOs and Social Housing HMOs. We just started yesterday on this social housing HMO yesterday and our family is going to keep this social housing HMO. It will generate 14% each year for the next 5 years…with no management and maintenance is covered up to 5,000 per year. Since we do not live in Manchester, this a perfect investment.

Both Social and Professional HMOs start off looking the same…Actually disaster situations. This property has sat empty was is in a rough state. Rough state translates to big profits. Our builders know how to turn around this eye sore into a lovely cash flowing asset. In the following pictures you can see how lovely this property is at its current state. This is how one makes money…Finds a property…truly under valued….refurbishes it….enters into a situation in which management is controlled. We will simply pick up our BACS payment monthly for the next 60 months…and possibly more.

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