Social Housing HMO Salford Manchester Completion

We do 2 types of HMOs…Social Housing HMO which are on 5 year contracts…No voids….No management…& maintenance covered up to £5,000 per year. These social housing have gone through all types of vetting….from the council…from police…from the corporate tenants inspection on electrical…plumbing and safety. This Social housing HMO generates £11,960 per year. We have done more than 35 plus properties like these. They are not London Mayfair standard…however the social tenants are more than appreciative. We help society and for us…these are a GREAT investment.  On Tuesday of next week we will meet the inspectors and if we pass….we immediately start cash flowing….Simply getting a BACS payment every month. Since this property has been finished we are in the process of starting 2 more HMOs. One will be a professional HMO and another social HMO in Manchester…Actually in Eccles.

We sell some of these Social housing HMOs in order to buy more & keep for ourselves. We sell these Social HMOs at anywhere from 9% NET to 10% NET depending on areas….If you are interested in these please contact me….


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