Living is all about experiences. We should try to learn from our experiences. We all make mistakes in our lives. However one of the best ways to learn is from a mentor. Our parents are mentors and in property we can find mentors. We can learn over and over again from our own experiences, but why reinvent the wheel? We should be able to learn from others’ experiences as well. There is really nothing new under the sun in property. Others before us have been in the same shoes. I have learned over my career in property from mentors. I did not go to courses etc…even though education is priceless. I learned from those in property who were really doing it…Not simply teaching.

These property mentors were very successful.  These property mentors kept me on track, provided a personal experience, and helped me grow as a business and as a person. No matter where you are in your journey, it is all about learning.

In retrospect,  I never asked them to be my mentor. All I did was converse with them, ask them questions, and learn from them—taking note to myself of what to do and what not to do. I watched how they conducted themselves….with absolute integrity.  Property is all about experience and learning. You do not have to have someone in your life that you have given an official title of mentor, especially when you are getting started. What you need to have are people in your life that you can learn and gain experience from. A mentor should be able to know and understand where you are, what you’re doing, and where you want to go. You want a mentor who wants to invest in you and help you grow. A mentor, helped myself & wife and the team to scale our business and set goals for our property business. I meet with them on a regular basis, and my whole him sits down with him once a year. Last year at this time, we sat down with him and set goals that we thought were pretty lofty, but this year, we hit every single one of those goals. Why do we need a mentor in property? I believe that we all need someone to help push us and to learn from.

Myself and colleagues hopefully will meet with a gentleman who owned several hundred buy to let properties in Liverpool. He bought them extremely below market value….managed them appropriately and sold out the whole lot. You learn from others….We are constantly learning in Property.

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