Why The Big Difference of Prices on Property on the Same Street

We get this question all the time from property investors from London to Hong Kong. When they look on Rightmove…they might see a terraced house sold for 25k…and then sold for 67k. Since we have completed on over 70 properties we understand why. It is rather simple. The 25k property might need 25k or more worth of work. An example of this is a 4 bed buy to let social property that will generate close to £700 a month without any voids…no managment and no maintenance…Easier said than done as all the daily issues…For example we had boiler issues in one of the 5 refurbs…plus a property we turned over for some reason at 8am the keys to open the property did not work. Great way to start the day…however there are never problems…just solutions.

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