Working With The Right Estate Agent- A Key Tool for Property Investing Success

We have built up with estate agents over our 130 property 6 year run. The estate agents know we preform and act quickly upon memo of sale. Thus we get emails and calls on properties that are premarket. Sometimes we when are stretched thin as now as we have 4 refurbishment hmo projects going on, agents will view properties and measure room sizes for us. Even though one of us must visit the property to confirm all room sizes, kitchens etc.

Most likely, only 5% of estate agents have the desire to work with investors. An estate agent that can assist an investor in growing their real estate portfolio is much different than an agent who practices common real estate. These estate agents get repeat business as long as there is mutual trust.

The eventual potential reality is that when an estate becomes so good at what they do, they often stop doing it for other investors and work solely on their own portfolio. However there are always new and hungry estate agents to help us find new properties. Plus in order to find properties we have started putting signs on all of our HMO refurbishment projects.

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