Should I rent to Serco for 7 years?

This article showed up in my inbox this morning. I thought it was relevant thus the reason I am posting. Dealing with tenants is very difficult at times. I have done close to 250 projects with Serco and Mears. Some of them I sell and some we keep. We live abroad and have never experienced any of these tenant issues nor maintenance issues other than roof tiles shifting after a storm or a tree falling down. I have most of our families money invested in these properties and feel it is safer than the bank. I have never had a late payment and have always found Serco to be professional and ready to assist in every context.

Should I rent to Serco for 7 years?

Hello, in a last-ditch attempt to remain in property rental, I have discussed a 7-year lease with Serco to house asylum seekers. My property is on the market as I will not accept the abolition of section 21, tenant’s free legal advice, and Labour’s plans to sneak in tenancy for life, etc.

They have offered me a very competitive rent, free repairs, guaranteed rent, etc. I have had a horrendous year trying to evict, scraping dog mess and blood from my properties, and preparing for court action over damage all caused by people and this experience along with the Renters Reform Bill have made me simply want to walk away.

So my question to your readers is, has anyone gone down this route?? If so what have been your experiences, please?