Buy-to-let Landlords Up to Two years Without Rent Due!

Tenants across the UK are facing months of rent arrear payments as a consequence of the existing pandemic. Until recently, tenants unable to pay their rent were protected from eviction. The current reality is that six months’ notice that landlords now have to give. Where the case is disputed, even before the pandemic, courts were taking an average of nearly six months to deal with cases, with the backlog now likely to be longer

The question for landlords,

Who is protecting Landlords from non paying tenants?

Property investor Ranjan Bhattacharya has launched an official petition calling on the government to enable landlords to start evictions once a tenant falls more than two weeks behind in their rent. This is the process in Australia.

This is why we have focused on Social Housing in which our counterparty is the council, the Home office or a charity. These tenants are vulnerable and need support. The country’s officials need votes and even though these people are not working, they vote.

We focus on Social Housing!

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