Passive Investing in Property Might Not be all that Passive

Due to covid 19 many landlords learned that passive investing is not so passive. Passive means sitting back and just collecting the rents. Well how many tenants have not paid since March? How many tenants were evicted? All one has to do is read the newspapers….Can you imagine being a so called Passive landlord who has a mortgage to pay?

The other alternative is what we do. It is not glamour however we deal with social housing. We get paid by the councils and basically the Home office. Good economy, bad economy…No difference. Thank Gd we have not missed any rental payments and more so demand is going through the roof. More domestic violence, more homelessness, more ex offenders, more Asylum seekers. They all need a roof over their head!

Our hard work is sourcing the properties, having them passed and having them pass all inspections!

We sell some in order to keep more. It is like a UK Govt bond these properties!

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