Worring About Selling Your Fix and Flip Project?

Home sellers are starting to get desperate. Brexit…holidays…economy…recession?
Most retail homebuyers like to find a new place to live and be settled in before their kids start school in the fall.
So if a seller doesn’t have their house under contract by now…Well, they’re screwed. The only way to move it is to drop the price.  But what if you are one of these sellers? Do you have a fix and flip on the market RIGHT NOW and you’re not getting any traffic or offers? Are you hoping (and praying) a buyer will come along soon to stop the bleeding? Worried about making the next bridging payment, insurance, utility and council tax bills?
If you have to drop the price will you lose money on the deal? All this worrying, and lack of control, is the reason why we pretty much gave up on doing traditional fix and flip deals. Instead of the buy/rehab/pray for a buyer approach…Plus we only focus on guaranteed rental contracts from councils, charities or the Home office.
We buy, rehab and lease our remodeled properties to councils, charities or the Home office.. Then we sell them to investors that are looking for cash flow producing assets. The rent we collect each month covers all our expenses until the house sells. And the best part is investor buyers don’t care what time of year it is. You will sell just as many houses in the dead of winter as you do in July.

How does that sound to you?

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