Finishing Touches on a Salford  Professional HMO 


We are hopefully ahead of schedule slightly on this Professional HMO in Salford. We have ordered furniture….beds….kitchen utensils…etc. We are hoping to finish by the end of the month and jump on the next professional HMO. This professional HMO in Salford is a 4 bed en suite. We have another Professional HMO to start in Eccles once this job is finished. We wanted our workers to finish this HMO first as well as we are in the process of selling 2 other Professional HMOs in Salford. HMOs are a lot of work, however when the monthly payment comes in, it makes it all worth the effort. I do not know many other investments that can return as much as HMOs. Many have said that HMOs are flooded…We have not found that and because we do ours to such a high level as a tenant moves out, another moves in.


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