Tomorrow at 10.30 am we are having a pre inspection on one of our Social Housing HMOs. A job that should have taken 3 weeks is now on the 4th. Hopefully by Monday we will be finished and passed all snagging issues on this Social Housing HMO. This social housing HMO will be a 4 bed. It will generate almost £ 12,000. No voids…No management…and maintenance is covered up to £ 5,000 per year. 

Currently we have 4 projects going and conveying on another Social Housing HMO tomorrow. Then on Monday another social housing HMO. We are finishing a Professional HMO in Salford and at the moment showing it to 4 young doctors. I am hoping we get them as tenants as it will make this Professional HMO more saleable.

Alot of work…alot of moving parts…alot of issues. However we work our way through them all.


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