Salford Manchester HMO Conversion Project


Salford is a hot area in Manchester due to Media City and the BBC new offices there. The whole area has taken off. As we keep some ¬†of our HMO properties, we also sell some of our HMO properties….We keep these HMO properties for the appreciation. On one project in Salford in which we sold, prices have gone up approx 20,000 in one year.

We either need VERY deep pocketed JV partners or a bank. The goal is to keep these HMO properties.

In this video we show a Salford Manchester property conversion. We lease these properties on a 5 year lease on guaranteed rents. We rent our properties for 55 a week. We do not have any voids…maintenance is covered up to 5,000 per year. There are no other expenses other than insurance.

Armchair investors dream!


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