In today’s property world….there are really no newspaper to place classified ads. Instead we have an easier and more effective way to find potential Professional HMOs and Social HMOs, Gumtree!

The easiest and most passive way to use Gumtree is to simply search the site for property postings in your area for potential Professional HMOs or Social HMOs. You can do this fairly easily and can even automate the process so new posts. It is also easy to use the control F feature searching for keywords…such as reception rooms, modernization, needs modernization, or cash buyers only.

Another thought is stand out that you are looking to find properties to convert into a Professional HMO. Why wait for the deals to come to you? Instead, post an ad that says you are looking for a Professional HMO to buy. Make it big, and make it flashy. Get people’s attention!


Look for Bad Landlords

Perhaps my favourite use of Gumtree is actually in contacting landlords who are posting on Gumtree. Land-lording is not easy, and as I often say, 90% of landlords out there suck! Many landlords lose money year after year and are only hanging on to their property because they know it would be hard to sell without first fixing it up. What about all the new changes for landlords. This can work to your advantage when looking to make a Professional HMO.

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